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          機構簡介About Us




            Suzhou City Security Technology Enterprise Management Services Limited is approved by the relevant government authorities for approval and registration of non-degree professional training organizations, companies adhering to the "security plan, based on education, professional team focus to concentrate on" the concept, follow the "finishing, the introduction of innovative theory and practice "principle, curriculum development and design, organizational experts, for the majority of enterprises to provide thoughtful, pragmatic, efficient, professional training services, and actively contribute to the work of production safety zone power.
                   The company's main business scope includes: team leader and review training safety training, special intensive training industry production safety, occupational health training and review of training employees (fire) safety training and review training. Course contents are in accordance with the national training curriculum requirements for the design, combined with the current safety supervision department of the latest job requirements and characteristics of enterprises in the park arranged, students participate in all training courses and passing the examination by the safety supervision department, will be awarded the safety certificate. The company through a series of training courses to deliver enterprise security concept, safety knowledge, safety system, safety culture and safety skills to help businesses protect lives and enhance competencies in key positions, and enhance employee safety awareness and skills, so as to bring more business more competitive.
                    At present, the company has over many years engaged in the management of production safety, training, expert advice lecturers, teachers visited the long-term safety of the production site, with the safety technology and management methods, to provide a full range of guidance and assistance to students. Future, the company will gather more professional training resources, and continuously enrich the content of training, extended training content, to build Suzhou in east China as a whole has an impact force training base for the safety of all types of employees, for all types property enterprises escort.